Our Wedding Planning and Wedding Day

June 29, 2015

Right out of a Storybook…..The most Perfect Day there ever was! Oh what I would do to relive this day again!

Yes it was our big day, but on our wedding day we wanted to also make it a day that our families will never forget. A day where they know how much they mean to us. We wanted to make it the Best Day Ever for Everyone!  

Matt and I chose to do a small intimate wedding with immediate family only, and we are so glad we did. Not saying big weddings can’t be fun but it was just not what we were going for. Family is everything to us and so we wanted to share this special day with them.

We spent several months trying to decide on a location for this special day. Hawaii on the beach, Montana at the Ranch, Bora Bora, Paris… you name it we thought of it. After going back and forth and back and forth we both kept coming back to wanting an outdoor beautiful mountain side wedding. But where was the question haha  The search was on so I called and emailed and we visited close to every Venue in Northern Utah I swear it seemed like it, and none of the locations were what we wanted… except for there was one that stood out like no other, The St Regis in Deer Valley!!!! Its’ funny I still remember when we arrived at the St Regis for the first time to take a tour, Matt looked at me and I knew he was thinking exactly the same thing I was …this is the one!! It just had the vibe and feeling we were going for. So location and date were set and planning began:)

I had so much fun planning my wedding and can honestly say I have been to more craft stores in the last 12 months than in my entire life lol! I always thought I would want a wedding planner, but I just couldn’t get myself to pay the hefty price when I knew exactly what I wanted and knew I could do it myself. Although there was a lot of time and planning that went into it, I sincerely enjoyed every second of it!!!

Our Wedding Day


 The morning of our wedding day was so perfect. Kalyssa, Matt and I all went to breakfast at the Restaurant located inside the St Regis. We sat outside and admired the beautiful scenery as we enjoyed the most delicious breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk and then back to our room to relax for a couple of hours. Around 2:00 is when things started to get busy. Stephanie came to our hotel room and did Kalyssa’s Hair and then mine. Then Vivian came and did my makeup. Jessica my photographer was there capturing every moment of us getting ready… needless to say there was a lot going on in our suite while everyone was scrambling to get all ready.

I still can remember the excitement of knowing I was minutes away from being married to the man of my dreams! Kalyssa was the most beautiful flower girl ever and I was so honored to have both of my Dads walk me down the aisle! As I walked down the aisle to Matt I could hear sniffling in the background. When I looked around, sure enough Kalyssa had already lost it. A day we all had been anxiously waiting for was finally here. This day was not just special for Matt and I. On this special day we would become a family and Kalyssa would finally be able to call the man she loves so much Dad.

We had Kalyssa come up front with us and Matt read an open Love Letter to her and gave her the most beautiful necklace that read I love you to the moon and back. Talk about an unforgettable moment that I will cherish forever. It was so tender!

Next Matt and I read our open Love Letters to each other and cried and laughed and cried some more. There are no words to describe this moment in my life. Truly the Happiest Day!!!

After the ceremony we had arranged to have a plated seated dinner for our whole family. The food was amazing and just when I thought  the day could not get any better, it did! The night was beyond anything we had expected and there is not one thing from this special day that I would change. It was that Perfect!  

Here is a glimpse of the love that was shared that day.  

***Our Wedding Video*** Getting Ready, Ceremony, Dinner, Dancing, and our sendoff that night this video includes 15 mins of highlights from our wedding day:)



Our First Dance



Kalyssa Singing



Grand Entrance and ring exchange to the Monday Night Football Theme Song of course!


The Cutest Flower Girl Ever:)



Matt Busting out some moves!


Even A Little Villi Manilli Karaoke


Video of  our Bridal Pictures