About HydroShield


Founded in 1995, HydroShield has established itself as an industry leader in surface protection and restoration. HydroShield is internationally recognized for introducing the latest hydrophobic technologies to its customers and dealers by offering unique products that protect and restore glass, granite, quartz, tile and grout, porcelain and natural stone.

After experiencing the benefits and demand for his products, Matthew Hansen, founder of HydroShield, decided to take his revolutionary vision to the national market.

Utilizing an innovative licensing program HydroShield has experienced tremendous growth. The company has grown to become a multi-million dollar success story with 71 locations across the USA and Canada.

Today, HydroShield operates under the same core principles and values the company was founded upon 24 years ago. We offer amazing products backed by unsurpassed customer service.


We offer innovative surface protection and restoration products. Both residential and commercial property owners select HydroShield to protect costly investments in glass, tile, porcelain, natural stone and grout. Once a surface is protected, customers receive peace of mind that their surfaces will remain looking new for years to come while reducing maintenance by 75%. Our products also create an eco-friendly environment by eliminating the need to use harsh and caustic cleaners. HydroShield also offers a line of restoration products to cater to existing residential and commercial property owners. We can restore all types of glass, tile, porcelain, grout and natural stone. This enables us to get our customer’s surfaces “Back to New in a Day” and then protect them to stay that way.


HydroShield Surface Protection is scientifically formulated to bond to highly vulnerable, high-use surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens. Designed to protect glass, tile, grout, porcelain, quartz, granite, and all types of natural stone.

Our innovative science transforms countertops, grout, shower glass, shower surrounds, sinks and even toilets into highly durable, antibacterial, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surfaces.


Each HydroShield application is completed by a certified and trained HydroShield technician.  This ensures proper bonding, guaranteeing our customers long-lasting performance and durability.  Every application is backed by the HydroShield True Warranty program. 

Industry-Leading True Warranty

With our network of service technicians, along with locally-backed warranties, we enable the home-building community to offer homeowners peace of mind.  HydroShield’s industry-leading True Warranty program provides homeowners the assurance of guaranteed surface protection long after they have taken possession of their new home.

An EcoHealth Home

We are proud of the role we play in providing a new and environmentally responsible solution for homeowners. Reaching beyond energy efficiency, air quality, and responsibly sourced materials, our vision for the future is driven by technology that eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners.  Not only do these toxic cleaners pose unnecessary health risks to homeowners, families, and pets, but they enter water systems and negatively impact the entire ecosystem through our streams and lakes.  By eliminating the need for harsh and toxic chemical cleaners, HydroShield creates a greener, EcoHealth home.

HydroShield Surface Protection Advantages:

  • Surface protection provided by an expert; “applied once, done right!”
  • Does not alter the appearance of the surface
  • Prevents hard water damage and staining
  • Makes surfaces easy-to-clean
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • EcoHealth by eliminating the need to use harsh, toxic cleaners
  • Peace-of-mind guarantee that surfaces will remain looking new for years to come
  • True Warranty backed by local service technicians