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Judd’s Breadsticks

March 15, 2016

Many former Woodward School students fondly remember crossing (or should I say sprinting) across Tabernacle Street to buy old fashion soda, candy, breadsticks and cheese or ranch, and other goodies at the store. If you didn’t get there fast enough you knew the breadsticks would be sold out! LOL! And believe me they sold out of them every single day! What was so amazing about these breadsticks is how big and fluffy they were, chewy and yet crunchy on the bottom, and they were always seasoned just perfectly:) It is really hard to explain how tasty these breadsticks were if you have never had one! So I wanted to post today a recipe that my family and I have used over the years to make the perfect Judd’s Breadsticks. Trust me this recipe will not let you down.

I love that Judd’s Store has kept the same vibe over the years as an old candy store with creaking wood floors when you walk in and a variety of old fashion candy and soda pop. It reminds me of a candy store right off of Little House on the Prairie haha! I had so much fun taking Kalyssa there and sitting outside on the most beautiful sunny day just soaking in the memories:)

Here is some history on the store itself. According to the Washington County Historical Society, it’s the oldest ongoing business establishment in St. George. The store is now 105 years old, having originally opened in 1911 across the street from what was then the new Woodward School.

Originally Thomas Judd’s store carried general merchandise, including supplies for sheep and cattle ranchers. The business remained in the family until 1982 when the folks behind Green Gate Village saved the building from condemnation and demolition.


Okay so the secret to making these breadsticks so big and fluffy is making sure they are 2 inches wide and then folding the strips into three’s and twisting them. Pack them in tight and they grow together, but you butter them well so they dont stick together. Let them rise doubling in size before sticking them in the oven… Enjoy!

I usually half the recipe because it makes so much also I use Kraft  grated parmesan cheese in the green bottle.

Judd's Breadsticks

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