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February 2016


Valentines 2016

February 15, 2016

Kalyssa and I received a special delivery for Valentine’s this year from Matt.💝 It was so cute to see how excited Kalyssa was when she opened the box. Matt was super creative and got Kalyssa and I Sweet Pete’s Candy.🍭 For anyone that watches “The Profit” I am sure you are familiar with Sweet Pete’s. We watch the show as a family weekly and Kalyssa loves Marcus Lemonis! Kalyssa from a young age has decided she would like to have her own business someday and already has a name for her business and a website! She is still on the search for a product though. We are always telling her to be aware of her surroundings and to always be looking for something that everyone needs or a product that could be a solution to a problem. She is always brainstorming and sharing her ideas with us, and without doubt someday will come up and create a product for her business. We love bringing out that entrepreneur in her at such a young age. The future and what this generation is capable of is exciting!!!

I have yet to try everything we received, but I will have to say their Sea Salt Caramels and their Salt Water Taffy are amazing. Kalyssa loves the Peanut Butter Meltaways!


K1 Speed

February 1, 2016

Super Fun Go Kart Track. We had so much fun squishing our heads in these helmets and racing today:) Sometimes you have to take an hour out of your busy Monday morning and play and that is exactly what we did today!