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November 2014



November 25, 2014

So proud of our Kalyssa who has been working so hard…balancing hours of Mathnasium, Cheer and Tumbling each week. She is determined to be a math genius and an amazing tumbler!! 😊


Saturday Night Mining

November 8, 2014

Saturday night mining at our house…it only took an hour to mine out all 3 crystals lol! ‪#‎instructionssaiditwouldtakethreehours‬ ‪#‎mining‬ ‪#‎crystals‬



Jazz Game

November 6, 2014

The last 5 min of last nights game was unreal!! Thx so much Nick for the seats, taco bar, snacks, and dessert🙊 lol! ‪#‎haventfollowedthejazzinyears‬ ‪#‎goodgame‬ ‪#‎lebron‬ ‪#‎funnight‬


Life Travel

New Orleans

November 5, 2014

It doesn’t get much better than to watch your two fav teams! Saints vs Packers!!! Brees vs Rodgers! Sunday Night Game!

This trip was so fun and made me fall in love with New Orleans! I had never been there and had imagined something completely different! We stayed with a friend of ours that is from there and has a place at the District downtown so everything was within walking distance which was so convenient. I just love how colorful the whole town is! Pink and Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow houses is the norm there:) The French Quarter, Walking the Mississippi River, Hurricane Katrina Museum, were a few of our adventures. Matt wanted me to see how the Cemeteries there are above ground so we went and checked that out too which was pretty interesting. Matt and I  always have to try new BBQ and new Steakhouses when we travel so we went to The Joint for some BBQ and then Dickey Brennan’s Steak house one night and La Boca Steakhouse. Dickey Brennan’s was super good! The Original Ruth’s Chris is out of New Orlean’s and we ate there on Gameday in the early afternoon… It of course is our fav place for a Prime Filet! Some other fun food joints and cafes we ate at were Cafe Du Monde of course we had to stop in and get a beignet because everyone raves about them. We ate Breakfast one day at the Ruby Red Slipper and Lunch one day at Lucy’s, We also stopped by at Manning’s Restaurant but didn’t actually end up eating there same with the The Commanders Palace. We stopped in at the Pralines Candy store and had some delicious candy there too. We took one day and drove around New Orleans where the home were hit by Katrina… this was crazy!! There were still so so so many homes marked up still from the Hurricane Katrina with with X’s and numbers from for how many people were alive in the homes… it was so eyeopening driving through all of those neighborhoods and just imagining what this town went through!!

Of course the highlight of our trip was the Sunday Night Game Packers vs Saints! I am a huge Aaron Rodgers Fan but I like the Saints too so it was the perfect game to go to. Because we were staying downtown we walked to and from the game and the tailgating and football vibe in that town is unreal I loved every second of it!! We love seeing all of the NFL Stadiums and the The Mercedes-Benz SuperDome was unreal!




Wolf Lover

November 1, 2014

I love to see each year what Kalyssa decides on being for Halloween:) This year of course she decided on a wolf! ‪#‎wolflover‬ ‪#‎random‬