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St Pete Beach

July 31, 2014

St Pete Beach was such a nice little getaway. Matt had to go out there for work and it just so happened to be the week of my Birthday so Kalyssa and I decided to tag along with him:) Weather was perfect the whole time we were there! Although Matt had to work during the day most the time we there we got at least 1 beach day with him and then each night after 6:00 we were all able to go to dinner together or do an activity. Night Light Helicopter on the beach was probably one of my most fav things we did together. I know it sounds silly but it was the best $2 spent on that trip. We spent hours out on the beach at night spinning our lit Helicopters:) Kalyssa found more shells on the beach than she knew what to do with. Some fun food places we went to while we were there…Spinners was connected to our Hotel so we ate there for lunch a few times.  Beautiful Views while the restaurant slowly rotates 360 degrees while you eat.. Kalyssa loved Spinners:) Flippers was a casual Pizza/Pasta Restaurant that I fell in love with (Thx to Steve and Tracy, from the HydroShield Fam, for taking us there), Sunny’s BBQ Matt had to take me to because it is one of his fav’s that he used to eat at all the time on his mission! Matt went to Jacksonville, FL on his mission so he wanted to go back and eat there again:) We went to Shula’s Steakhouse and that was good, The night of my Birthday though Matt took me to Bern’s Steakhouse and the experience there was unreal! Bern’s Steak House gives their guests a Tour Experience…. you get a full Kitchen tour and a tour of the Largest Wine Cellar Collection. But I would have to say the best part about Bern’s is after you eat dinner they have a separate room upstairs called the Dessert Room which offers amazing goodness!

We ended up renting a jetski on our last day there and took Kalyssa in the ocean on that which was fun. Also on our way to the airport we stopped to see the Buccaneers Stadium. Super fun little FL trip:)))



Kalyssa singing Taylor Swift when were in FL on our drive back to our hotel. She did not know I was recording though but I had too lol!

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