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July 2013


Santa Maria, CA

July 31, 2013

Kalyssa was asking me tonight what I used to do for bday parties when I was little….I found some oldie pics to show her lol:) Growing up with a pool in our backyard we knew every year it was going to be a pool party:) Love all my oldie Santa Maria, CA friends!!! So the greenhouse over our pool that you see in this pic my Dad actually built! haha yes crazy I know! He had the sides set to automatically come down if it reached a certain temperature that way it never got too hot inside:) I remember swimming almost everyday as a kid… night swims were always my fav. My Dad would always dare us to jump back in the pool after we had been in the hot jacuzzi  lol! Talk about freezing! We loved it though:) We would always play Marco Polo and Red Rover Red Rover… man it was so much fun.

So for my Birthdays we would have a pool party and then set up a huge tent in our backyard for a sleepover with friends. My Dad ran a super long extension cord for us and brought out the Tv so we could watch movies in the tent…. such fun memories:)